Monday, August 1, 2011

challenge continuation- days 14 thru 17

Day 14- Your newest purchase.

I got this leopard circle scarf from about 2 weeks ago- I'm not crazy about it, but it was only $6.90 so I decided not to send it back. It feels really weird and, as you can see, doesn't really ever lay just right but I'll figure something out.

Day 15- You and someone wearing matching clothes.

This one was pretty hard to think of- I had to search WAYYYY back through my tagged facebook pictures to find this dime. My best friend and I were supposed to go to the same college, so she bought us these matching shirts that christmas. She ended up not going to that school, but we still sported the shirts for a random night trip to the playground towards the end of high school. (I'm the hazy one on the right)

Day 16- An outfit you wish you had.

[The challenge for this "Day" was supposed to be "a piece of clothing you made or altered", but I couldn't think of anything other than the sweatshirt I've been talking about and didn't want to be a bore, so I'm doing this instead since I accidentally skipped it before.]
I'm not sure who this dress is by, but I'm sure I can't afford it. It sure is lovely though, huh? I've pretty much always liked lace sleeves, but the royal wedding dress has left that interest very much heightened. I also adore the vibrancy of the red and the combination of the fabrics.

Day 17- A piece of jewelry you made.

Is this cheating? I didn't make the ring, obviously, but I did attach a suede(?) string around it to make it into a necklace. I think it counts. The ring was my dad's high school ring; my grandma let me have it when she was doing some downsizing.

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