Monday, July 4, 2011

Challenge- Days 4 thru 7

Day 4- A shirt that you haven't worn yet.

Just a mustard colored blouse from Macy's. Not quite sure why I even own this, I probably thought at the time that it was a more breathable fabric than it actually is- feels pretty stuffy once you have it on. Maybe it will get used for a job interview or something of that sort.

Day 5- Your favorite pair of jeans.
Black super skinny jeans from Pacsun. I used to work there so I just wore some variation of these everyday. These ones are also slightly destroyed/frayed, including the knees which have gotten a bit *too* destroyed :-/

Day 6- A pair of pants that aren't jeans.
These also haven't been worn yet. They're white with pinstripes by Ralph Lauren. I think we got them for around $50 whereas they were originally $179- can't pass up a bargain!

Day 7- A cute outfit of yours.
Half sleeve knit lightweight sweater from Ann Taylor Loft in either light blue or light pink, front pleat soft grey/ivory pattern skirt from Forever 21, short wedge open toe shoes by Calvin Klein.

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Tabitha Sheridan said...

Love the mustard blouse!