Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i've got a crush on you.

I've decided to compile a list of my highest ranking celebrity girl crushes, which i'm going to start posting in between other posts. some of them i mostly like because of their style, some i tend to "follow" because i have massive respect for their career/lifestyle choices, and some i just genuinely drool over and ponder endlessly over how one person could be so genetically blessed.

and then there's some that, in my mind, fit the bill for all three of those categories, such as my first entry in this list- Victoria's Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr.

I'm sure it seems too easy to name a model as one of my girl crushes, but physical beauty aside I would love her anyway. She seems to be a rare brand of model- less about ego, more about roots and having fun with a career that has a short shelf life and shouldn't be taken so seriously. She also now seems to be a devoted mother/wife, in addition to maintaining her modeling career (did you see how fast she bounced back from the pregnancy? dumbfounding.) and building her organic skincare business, Kora. I can't wait to see her back in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show this year- it just WASN'T the same without her in it last year :(

Oh, and what can I even begin to say about her fashion style? I guess it's kinda hard to look bad when clothes are basically designed with your body in mind, but I definitely think her personal closet is one that I would raid in a heartbeat given the opportunity.

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